Discord is Heavenland's primary social platform, where users can contact Heavenland or communicate with each other. They can watch the news, contact support or participate in DAO discussions.
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Heavenland has created it's in-house solution, so Discrod users can verify their wallets.


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We define several Discrod roles based on NFT and HTO holdings. Each role grants access to a new Discord channel.
holds ≥1 Parcel NFT
holds ≥5 Parcel NFTs
Bucket Holder
holds ≥1 Parcel Bucket NFT
Alphas Holder
holds ≥1 Alpha NFT
Loyalty Holder
holds ≥1 Loyalty NFT
HTO Holder
holds some HTO
Active Staker
has active HTO stake
Bronze Staker
stakes ≥2,000 HTO
Silver Staker
stakes ≥5,000 HTO
Gold Staker
stakes ≥10,000 HTO
Platinum Staker
stakes ≥25,000 HTO
Terraform Staker
stakes ≥100,000 HTO
What means holding NFT?
  • NFT must be either owned by the address or staked by it
    • NFT listed on non-custodial NFT marketplace (like Heavenmarket) are still owned by user.
    • NFT listed on custodial NFT marketplace (like Magic Eden) are owned by marketplace
Does Parcel Bucket counts like Parcels?
  • Yes, like number of Parcels it contains.


Active Staker role is equivalent to eligibility to participate in DAO voting. For each DAO voting, we create a designated channel on Discord, where Active Stakers can participate in the second stage of the voting, as described in Tokenomics.