The word Avatar triggers different associations in the brains of many players and social network users, so we have to define what we mean by Avatar.

Avatar is a word that takes so many meanings it's hard to avoid using it ambiguously - we've used it even in the title of this paper because we couldn't think of anything better. Avatar in Avatar System Whitepaper is a 3D body that the player controls (like when Sam Worthington enters his avatar in the Avatar movie).

We want the avatar to be highly customizable, as in Image 1 - its height, color of skin, and different wearables that can transform the avatar even into some cartoon figure. Avatars cannot be limited to humanoid bodies - they can have as many legs, hands or heads as they want.

The problem is that the more customizable the avatars are, the more difficult it is to develop a system that will create them. Avatar diversity is a big priority, so we've decided to go with ready-made solutions so this diversity can be adapted in Heavenland from the beginning.

Avatars in the early stages of Heavenland won't be NFTs. They'll be represented solely by 3D objects created in Ready Player Me, from which they will be saved in the player's inventory. Ready Player Me offers high variability, and its avatars are highly optimized for game usage - everything that Heavenland needs.

We have plans to develop our own Avatar Builder and onboard some existing NFT collections of avatars to enable everyone to have their desired avatar as an NFT.

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