Heavenland needs to be appropriately governed to adopt new technologies and evolve in a way most suitable for most of its users.


We do not aim to reinvent the wheel. We focus on building a virtual reality platform that will enable users to experience and monetize their property. To create the most efficient environment, we plan to integrate reputable partners from segments such as gaming, decentralized payment solutions, DeFi lending platforms and others. These partners will push Heavenland to a higher level.

NFT collections will be accepted to get included on the platform. This will enable full integration of the collections’ brand into Heavenland. NFT owners will be able to use their NFTs as avatars or to improve their assets and other perks.

All partners will be required to purchase and stake HTO to start the onboarding process - more in the “HTO Token” section.


Small centralized systems move quickly forward, but as they grow, they become ineffective. The latest development in blockchain shows us how strong a concept of decentralization is, how many things can be achieved if people are given enough freedom and just the right incentive. Heavenland starts as a project centralized around its creators trying to set Heavenland in the right direction. When this direction is set and other people are onboarded, Heavenland will start its transformation to DAO.

Ownership and contributions to Heavenland will be used to define a voting power in DAO - the more you own, the more you’ve built in Heavenland, and the more you’ve contributed to Heavenland, the more considerable voting power you’ll have in the DAO. DAO will decide about incentives and will define the future of Heavenland.

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