Paragon is a new concept - breedable NFT that looks sexy thanks to visuals designed by a DC/Marvel artist. It gives player's Avatar unique attributes for the game and opens the way to earn income.

Paragon is a new class of NFT that's been introduced in Heavenland. It's breedable, it provides a lot of utilities to its owner, and it looks sexy. Paragon is very closely tied with PFP - if PFP is a profile picture, Paragon is the frame around it, which enhances not only the PFP but also the avatar qualities in the game. Heavenland has onboarded a DC/Marvel artist to make sure Paragons will be something extraordinary. It's still a work in progress, but the latest Paragon version is shown in Image 1.

Because Paragon is a new concept, it will take time to understand it properly. We recommend you get some refreshment before digging deeper into this section - there will be a lot of stuff to digest.

We'll define all the attributes Paragon NFTs will have, their possible values and what they represent. Paragons are breedable, but next to breeding, two additional operations can be done with them. We must also specify the initial supply of Paragons. Everything you'll ever need to know about Paragons is here.

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