Avatar System

Every virtual world needs an avatar, and Heavenland is no exception. Except next to the avatar, it introduces a Paragon and adapts PFP and Characters. Let's dive into Heavenland's Avatar System.

Original Avatar System can be downloaded in PDF format here.

Oxford Dictionary defines avatar as an image that represents you in online games, chat rooms, etc. and that you can move around the screen. Well, that doesn’t help much. Let’s use the word Representative to prevent any misuse of the terms defined later in this paper.

Oxford is right in one thing - the Representative is how people identify themselves in a service where they can interact with others. Some people disclose their real identity while others create fake profiles; some like to create Representatives of the opposite gender than themselves, and some prefer to look like aliens. Everyone can be anything they want on the internet, and in the metaverse, the possibilities should be truly limitless.

In Heavenland, we wanted to take the Representative to a whole new level and even allow them to be bred. We wanted to enable Representatives to bring any favorite profile picture as many distinguished profile picture (PFP) NFT collections grew to many peoples’ hearts. We want the Representative to earn achievements and badges. We want them to have physical qualities and abilities seen in superhero movies. We want them to be able to learn new things, to get any shape imaginable.

Welcome to Heavenland’s Avatar System.

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