HTO Token

In Heavenland, everything spins around HTO. We've put a lot of effort into designing HTO so the economy it supports can flourish.

HTO token is an SPL token on the Solana blockchain. The essential characteristics are summarized in the following table.





total supply


circulating supply





token model


Solana has been our #1 choice since the beginning for many different reasons. Many people call Solana the Ethereum Killer, but we are much more careful in Heavenland. Ethereum, its side-chains, and additional tier 2 solutions for smart contract EVM-based platforms will evolve parallel to Solana. We believe Solana brings a breath of fresh air to this space and is the most suitable candidate for Heavenland’s needs.

Our choice for Solana is supported by both technical and social points of view. The technical point of view includes transactions per second, transaction price, how smart contracts (programs) on Solana differ from contracts on EVM-based chains, and what Solana promises for the future. Even though Solana is a tier 1 solution in beta-version, it’s capable of outperforming every tier 2 solution in many different aspects, including transactions per second, price, energy consumption, and how these parameters are expected to evolve in the future.

The social point of view is concerned with the growing Solana community. It’s remarkable how Solana has skyrocketed in capitalization and reached the top 10. The Solana community is growing, and, after Ethereum, it has become the 2nd biggest blockchain in the NFT space. Heavenland could be the next big thing to offer the existing Solana community, attract new people and grow the community even bigger.


Heavenland, just like every country, needs a functional and sustainable system to generate assets to develop, maintain, improve, and promote itself, to support and reward content creators and contributors. Simply put, to make the Metaverse experience a reality.

To better grasp Heavenland’s responsibility, we define five stakeholders, each with a given share of pre-mined HTO and a source of income in the later stages of Heavenland. Each stakeholder will keep their assets on Solana accounts and maintain records about asset spending so anyone can see how each stakeholder uses them.

Foundation Pool

Foundation Pool’s purpose is to incentivize users toward certain activities. In Heavenland’s early stages, there will be very few buildings and assets citizens can place on their land. The Foundation Pool will step in and motivate content creators by HTO token rewards. The implementation of new features should be fostered by the Foundation Pool to encourage some external developers to bring their know-how to Heavenland and its citizens. These features could include the development of libraries to bridge the gap between Heavenland and some outer-world technology.

The Foundation Pool’s incentive mechanism will work in the form of a competition for a solution where anyone can participate. Depending on the difficulty of the assignment, the contest can happen on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. The Foundation Pool will then choose the best solutions and reward its creators.

Staking Pool

Staking is a way for a hodler to express their long-term belief in an asset by locking it for a given period of time. Staking is the key concept for Heavenland’s economy, and the Staking Pool’s purpose is straightforward - to reward stakers. The more HTO you stake and the longer the period of your stake, the more HTO you get. The staking mechanism is described in detail in the HTO Token section.

Treasury Pool

There are 30 people engaged in Heavenland's core team and an additional 30 people in game development. Both numbers are growing - developers, graphic designers, game developers, blockchain specialists, architects and many more. Although we would like to, it's impossible to pay everything in crypto and work entirely remotely. There will be some real-world expenses, and Heavenland is establishing some entity to take care of this. Although remote work has never been more accessible, it's still preferred to locate Heavenland in a place with many people who have a positive attitude to crypto and are engaged in crypto technology and game development.

Besides covering expenses, the Treasury Pool's purpose will be to negotiate with investors, organize HTO token sales like IDO, and provide initial HTO-USDC liquidity.

Community Pool

Heavenland would be nothing without its community, and the Community Pool’s responsibility is to bring more people onboard. The Community Pool will organize competitions on social media, distribute airdrops, make partnerships, hire ambassadors, and much more.

Team Pool

The purpose of this stakeholder is to motivate the core team to follow the roadmap. HTO tokens in the Team Pool will have a lockup period of 18-42 months, which aligns with the team’s belief in the feasibility of the project and a long-term vision of building a self-sustainable world for everyone.


All 500,000,000 HTO tokens will be pre-mined and distributed among stakeholders, as summarized in the table below, through an audited vesting contract in a way described in the next section. The exact numbers of HTO tokens for each stakeholder stem from our thorough analysis of different scenarios of Heavenland's near future that considers our roadmap goals, onboarding new team members for long-term collaboration, marketing, sentiment in the crypto space, and investors. We believe HTO token price will be the primary indicator of Heavenland's success; we have carefully thought about reducing the volatility in the early stages and ensuring the HTO price will grow steadily.

No matter how detailed our analysis is, it contains some what-if's that could cause some slight changes in the stakeholders' shares in the future. Any changes will be presented to our community.


Foundation Pool



Staking Pool



Treasury Pool



Community Pool



Team Pool





After all of the 500,000,000 HTO are pre-mined, they will be locked to an audited vesting program to release them to all stakeholders during the next five years. The vesting should imbue trust in the project as the circulating supply of HTO tokens will be known in advance without the possibility for Heavenland to perform some ill price manipulations.

The complete vesting scheme is shown in Images 1 and 2. The first month in which vesting starts unlocking HTO will be February 2022 from which time the months are counted. In the first few months, HTO will be released mainly to the Treasury Pool, which will use HTO for Private and Public Sales, described below. When these sales are completed, Foundation Pool will proceed with investors' negotiations and develop an algorithm to distribute HTO through a liquidity pool.

Community Pool starts receiving HTO from the 3rd month at a constant pace of 500,000 HTO per month, so it can continually grow the community. Foundation Pool starts receiving HTO at the start of the 7th month when incentive mechanisms for content creation can come to play. The pace of how HTO are released to Foundation Pool will increase till it reaches 3M HTO per month in the 15th month when we expect to have more tools for builders to express their intent and bring their vision to Heavenland.

Staking Pool starts receiving HTO in the 4th month when the first reward for stakers can be claimed. The exact numbers of HTO released to Staking Pool each month are described in the Staking section. Team Pool reserves tokens for the team as the primary motivation for their dedication and hard work. These tokens will start releasing in the 19th month and continue over the next two years.

Note that vested tokens aren’t the only income for stakeholders since every stakeholder participates and collects a share of Heavenland economy.

Private Sale

HTO private sale will happen in two rounds in February and March 2022. Each of these rounds will distribute up to 20M HTO; the first round will collect up to 2M USDC, the second, which offers HTO at a higher price, will collect up to 2.5M USDC. Only up to 8% of all HTO tokens will be distributed in Private Sale.

Based on the purchase size, the buyer is assigned one of Space Explorer, Space Engineer and Terraformer Tiers and given some privileges regarding their future engagement in Heavenland. These privileges can include making their brand visible somewhere in Heavenland. Terraformer, the highest tier, can build on designated public space (public spaces include the surroundings of spawning areas). The buyer’s exact intent is discussed with Heavenland in advance.

Purchased HTO tokens are vested and released in steps of 10% of the total purchase in periods of 30, 45 or 60 days (the bigger the investment, the bigger the release period). The first HTO tokens release on the same day the staking possibility opens. Detailed information about the private sale has been provided on demand.

Public Sale

HTO Public sale will happen through IDO with an HTO token price of 0.15 USDC in two sale rounds. One sale will be done via IDO Launchpad (contribution in USDC) while the 2nd one will be launched as an NFT sale (contribution in SOL). The IDO will start in early May 2022.

When IDO ends, Heavenland will create an HTO-USDC liquidity pool on Raydium. The liquidity pool will allow the future purchase of HTO, but each swap through this pool will influence the HTO price according to the rules of Automated Market Makers.

Treasury Pool will maintain the liquidity pool by ensuring it has enough liquidity and its price fluctuates within a healthy range. To prevent inappropriate volatility, Treasury Pool uses predictable reactions. If the HTO price grows faster than 25% p.m., Treasury Pool will supply the liquidity pool with an additional HTO. In case of a price drop, Treasury Pool takes some USDC and buys HTO.

Heavenland is negotiating with DEX platforms to support liquidity further and allow HTO liquidity farming, incentivising users to provide HTO liquidity and offering them additional ways to profit on HTO.

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