Stamping is the Paragon operation that inserts the given PFP into Paragon.

You can think of this operation as stamping Paragon NFT with PFP, costing a symbolic 10 HTO. Stamping will update Paragon NFT on the Solana blockchain (i.e. update its attributes and image). Single PFP can be used to stamp as many Paragon NFTs as desired, and the stamped Paragon NFTs can then be sold in the marketplace. Any Paragon NFT can be re-stamped (i.e., its PFP can be replaced by another one). The basic schema for stamping is shown in Image 1.

Anyone having the stamped Paragon NFT can use it in the game - there is no need to own the PFP that's been used for stamping. Still, those holding the PFP will be easily recognizable in the game as they receive a unique mark to be recognized by others as actual PFP owners.

For PFP collections to be eligible for stamping, they must be approved by Heavenland. This is only to prevent dicks and other content some can find abusive from popping up in Heavenland.

You can still utilize Paragon, which is not stamped - instead of PFP, the Paragon will contain a general character icon.

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