Other NFT Classes

Next to PFP, Paragon, Avatar and Character, there will be other objects that will allow players to attain their identities in the virtual world.

All the previous components of the Avatar System will be available from the beginning as they are something like MVP (minimal viable product) to what Heavenland promised to deliver. Nonetheless, Avatar System will expand for new NFT classes as there are many things players can do with their avatars.

The first thing is setting the Avatar name. In the beginning, everyone will be able to use the name they want, but we want to allow players to have their unique name registered just like Decentraland has introduced it (you can watch Decentraland's Name NFTs being traded on OpenSea). This will force us to introduce a name service that will issue original Name NFTs.

Avatar gestures are another big topic. Heavenland will create a default set of gestures players can use by their avatars, but more complex gestures can also be subject to NFTification.

Avatar customization is again a big topic, where only those owning a given Asset NFT will be able to put it on their Avatar.

Possibilities are endless, and we hope we won't be alone in our endeavor to bring the best possible Avatar System to life. We want everyone to have a chance to participate in this system, to have enough freedom to create Avatar they want without the need to pay anything. But at the same time, we want everyone willing to pay to be able to pay for something special, created not only by Heavenland but also by those who put their time and effort into making Heavenland avatars truly unique.

The journey has just begun.

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