Paragon is NFT with 13 attributes, each of them described in this Section.

Every Paragon has 9 core attributes, 2 additional attributes derived directly from them, and 2 attributes required for Paragon operations to work correctly. That's 13 attributes in total. The 9 core attributes have a direct impact on how the Avatar moves in the game and influences

  • walk speed,

  • sprint speed,

  • translocation, which is short-distance teleportation,

  • jump height, and

  • stamina, which is something that's being drained during a sprint or when translocating and recovers when standing still or walking.

On the NFT level, these 9 core attributes will have a value between 0 and 100. The value of 0 provides no bonus, the value of 100 provides the full bonus, and any value between provides a bonus directly proportionate to the attribute value (although the proportionality does not necessarily need to be linear). Note that all the core attributes will directly impact the open world of Heavenland. It will be up to the creators of mini-games what attributes and which way they adapt. The 9 core attributes are (numbers shown next to them in the square brackets are only illustrative and will be adjusted according to the game mechanics)

  • Stamina [200-500] maximum level of stamina

  • Stamina Recovery Rate [10-20 per second] how much stamina recovers each second when standing still or walking

  • Stamina Usage during Sprint [5-10 per second] how much stamina is consumed per second of sprint

  • Stamina Usage per Translocation [50-100] how much stamina is consumed per translocation

  • Walk Speed [1-2 meters per second] movement speed of normal walk

  • Sprint Speed [5-10 meters per second] movement speed of sprint

  • Jump Height [0.5-1.5 meters] height of the jump

  • Max Translocation Distance [100-250 meters] maximum translocation distance, the target location must be visible

  • Translocation Recovery [2-10 seconds] how much time does it take to unlock stamina usage after translocation; stamina does not recover in this interval

Next to the core attributes, we define 4 additional attributes

  • Score [0-700] the sum of the core attributes; also attributes can sum up to 900, there is a restriction (introduced further) that prevents values of Score greater than 700

  • Tier [0-5] divides Paragons into 6 Tiers based on the score

  • Breed Count [0-5] how many times was the Paragon used for breeding

  • PFP Mint mint address of PFP the Paragon was stamped with (if there is any)


There will be 6 Tiers in total, Tier0 being the most ordinary and abundant, allowing Score only up to 99, and Tier5 being the most precious, allowing any value of Score bigger than 500, but lower or equal to 700. Each Paragon will have different graphical visualization, so the more precious Paragons are easily recognizable.

Each Tier limits not only the Score but also the value of each core attribute to the range summarized in Table below. Tier0 Paragon, even if it can have Score 99, doesn't allow to have one core attribute of value 99 and the rest 0.

TierScore RangeCore Attribute Range



















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