Parcel Buckets

Parcel Merging is a process in which two adjacent parcels are merged to create a bigger land. Parcel Bucket is a special class of NFT describing this merge of 2, 3 or even more Parcels.

Where to trade?

Parcels are the most critical NFTs in Heavenland; Parcel Buckets describe the state when the Parcel owner merges two or more adjacent Parcels to create a larger, continuous block. Parcel Bucket should impart the individual Parcels with superior qualities, including supporting more prominent buildings (in height, depth and area) and increasing staking opportunities.

Parcel Merging is possible on Heavenmarket.


Parcel Bucket NFTs are described by ten attributes. Nine of these are derived from Parcel NFT attributes; one extra attribute defines what Parcels the Parcel Bucket consists of.

Zone, Sub-Zone

Since all Parcels in the Parcel Bucket must be from the same Cluster, values of Zone and Sub-Zone attributes of Parcel Bucket are the same as those of all of its Parcels.


The High-Traffic attribute in Parcel Bucket shows how many Parcels in Parcel Bucket are marked as High-Traffic.


The Coordinate attribute of Parcel Bucket is the arithmetical average of the coordinates in the centre of each Parcel in the Parcel Bucket.

Max Height/Depth

Max Height of the Parcel Bucket is the maximum of Max Heights of all of its Parcels. Merging a Parcel with a Parcel with a bigger Max Height increases the Parcel’s Max Height. In addition to this bonus, the Parcel Bucket receives a percentage bonus to the Max Height depending on the number of Parcels it contains. The bonus is summarized in the table below. When adding the bonus to Parcel’s Max Height, the resulting Height in meters is always rounded up to whole meters.

In addition, if Parcel Bucket forms a whole Parcel block (i.e. there is no chance to add another parcel to the Parcel Bucket), Parcel Bucket receives an additional 10% bonus.

Max Depth works the same way. Note that Max Height and Max Depth define the limits for the amount of HTO that can be staked on the Parcel, so how these values increase during merge is crucial for the economy.



1% per parcel


1.5% per parcel


2% per parcel


2.5% per parcel

more than 14

3% per parcel, max 50%

Drill Through

The Drill Through attribute in Parcel Bucket shows how many Parcels in Parcel Bucket are marked as Drill Through.


This attribute shows how many Parcel the Parcel Bucket contains and unambiguously defines those Parcels by their IDs and cartesian coordinates.


How merging works?

this is described in Parcel Merging Section.

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