The virtual economy in Heavenland is centered around the native HTO Token.

HTO Token

A fungible HTO Token will be created on the Solana blockchain to foster the Heavenland economy. HTO will serve as the main currency in Heavenland.

HTO will be tradable for any assets and services in Heavenland and publicly tradable on secondary marketplaces, ensuring enough liquidity and easy exchange for popular digital assets. A small fee will apply to all purchases in HTO, and collected HTO will be used to reward creators, infrastructure providers, the team, and the rest will be burned.


Parcels are the smallest part of the Land in Heavenland. They have the size of 25x25m and can be merged with neighboring Parcels to create Bucket. The bigger the Land, the bigger its value, and the bigger the height a user can build on the Land. There will be 30,000 Parcels in total; the first 5,000 Parcels will be sold for SOL in presale, remaining parcels will be sold for HTO token in Heavenland’s marketplace.

Owning a Land is an entrance ticket to monetization because its owner can do almost anything with it. In addition, the rarer the Land is, the more significant opportunity of monetization provides.


Ownerships in the Heavenland will be transferred through a payment in HTO - it doesn't matter if you want to sell Parcels, digital goods, buildings or any other asset. You offer it for HTO, and if a seller is found, you are paid in HTO.

Practically every interaction with the world can be rewarded with HTO. Do you own an apartment? You can rent it out and gain regular income. Do you work in a casino? You can be paid a salary. Is your building adjusted to allow displaying ads? It can generate you a regular income as well. Do you organize a concert or plan to stream a video from outside of Heavenland? You can get your audience to pay you for it. A token reward is waiting for you.

Builders will be incentivized to start building and improving their Land to fasten the platform's adoption in its early stage. The target is to enable users to become a part of the economy as soon as they join Heavenland. Therefore, competitions, airdrops, activity rewards, and similar events will grow the user base as much as possible in the shortest period, resulting in the instant utility of the platform, HTO liquidity, and exposure.

Heavenland contains several ways of traveling which will require HTO to be used. These include transport tubes and elevators to the other side of the world. Additional demand for the HTO will be created by partners who will be required to stake HTO to become part of the Heavenland.


Heavenland is developing its marketplace, Heavenmarket, which will allow payments in HTO tokens and be implemented directly in Heavenland’s interface so that users can access it while in Heavenland.

Because the tradable assets will be Solana NFTs, it will be possible to trade them on existing NFT marketplaces. Our team is arranging partnerships with marketplaces to allow users early market experience. We expect the in-game market will rise this experience to a whole new level.

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