The first purpose of Loyalty NFTs was to distribute HTO tokens during IDO. Loyalty NFT holders now have special privileges, including up to a 50% discount on Heavenland services.

Where to trade?

Loyalty NFTs serve as multifunctional assets for the Heavenland Metaverse. Besides parcels and VIP NFTs, Loyalty NFTs are another valuable assets that will bring perks to the holders. Some of these perks are one time, some of them are forever. The Loyalty NFTs bring its owners advantages every time they do an HTO payment through Heavenland services - marketplace, parcel merging, avatar breeding, in-game payments with much more to come


Loyalty NFTs have many utilities that will serve its owner. Some of these utilities are one-time and will come into play 24 hours after the mint, some of these utilities will be kept forever and provide perks to its holders.

Forever utilities

Loyalty NFTs have forever utilities that grant a lot of discounts (in for of cash-back) on Heavenmarket. Discounts are summarized in Heavenmarket Section.

Holdings (NFTs)Heavenland Fee Cashback











Holders of the Loyalty NFTs will have discounts for in-game Heavenland’s marketplace. In the near future, Heavenland marketplace aims to become a global NFT marketplace to list valuable NFT collections within the whole Solana ecosystem.

One time utilities

HTO token distribution (probability 100%)

The accurate amount of HTO tokens guaranteed per 1 Loyalty NFT will be fixed and announced 12 hours prior to the mint. You can check calculations and the token amount formula in Tokenomics.

48 hours after the mint, we are going to do a snapshot of wallets holding the Loyalty NFTs. Everyone holding the NFTs during the snapshot will receive HTO tokens within 72 hours after the snapshot is done.

Multiplier feature gives you an opportunity to receive extra HTO tokens. In case you are extra lucky and mint a Loyalty NFT with +500% HTO then you will get HTO tokens and then 5 times more HTO tokens as bonus at the same time.

  • 20% chance to get +2.5% HTO [Top Thimbles attribute has the same value as Bottom Thimbles attribute]

  • 10% chance to get +5% HTO [Top Spikes attribute has the same value as Bottom Spikes attribute]

  • 5% chance to get +10% HTO [Top Radium and Bottom Radium attributes both have the value of Nitrogen]

  • 2% chance to get +25% HTO [Top Radium and Bottom Radium attributes both have the value of Osmium]

  • 1% chance to get +50% HTO [Top Radium and Bottom Radium attributes both have the value of Cobalt]

  • 0.5% chance to get +100% HTO [Top Radium and Bottom Radium attributes both have the value of Plutonium]

  • 0.2% chance to get +250% HTO [Top Radium and Bottom Radium attributes both have the value of Neon]

  • 0.1% chance to get +500% HTO [Top Radium and Bottom Radium attributes both have the value of Krypton]

Early access to Heavenland (probability 50%)

[Token id is even]

Lucky minters will be granted early access to Heavenland that will allow them to explore, try out and interact with Heavenland Metaverse in advance!

WL for Avatars mint (probability 5%)

[Atmosphere attribute has the value of Space]

Avatars will play a key role in Heavenland. First, we will launch ~ 1000 Avatars that will have unique features. It is expected that only Whitelisted people will be able to participate in Avatars launch.

Partners NFTs airdrop

We will do a random draw 24 hours after the mint. The winners of the draw will receive NFTs of our partnered collections (you already know the system from the Parcels mint). The more NFTs you mint, the bigger chance to receive the partners’ NFTs!

Below you can find the chart with multiplier coefficients. Your coefficient (probability) progressively increases with the number of minted NFTs.


















10 or more


On top of that, Heavenland will distribute 20 Parcels to lucky minters, and some partnered collections are joining the airdrop as well.

Confirmed partners and NFTs:


You mint 1 Loyalty NFT during the launch. You had your NFT in your wallet (delisted) 24 hours after the mint. You are guaranteed a HTO token distribution (based on SOL price fixed 1 hour before the mint and based on token conditions from the tokenomics - page 11).

You got lucky and also received WL for Avatars launch and also got 100% multiplier for HTO tokens. That means that you get twice of what you were supposed to get.

You are also a lucky winner who gets 1 Solamids NFT.

You decided to hold the Loyalty NFT in your wallet and enjoy forever utilities such as the discount on the marketplace or discount on avatars breeding.


Loyalty NFTs are described by ten attributes, all derivable from the NFT visual. Values of all of these attributes, further described in this section, has been pseudo-randomly generated so some of these attributes can provide perks specified further.


Loyalty Heart

Top Thimbles

Top Spikes

Top Bangle

Top Radium

Bottom Thimbles

Bottom Spikes

Bottom Bangle

Bottom Radium


  • Do I have guaranteed HTO tokens if I mint the loyalty NFT? Yes, if you mint the NFT you will receive HTO tokens supposing you have the NFT in your wallet 48 hours after the mint (when the snapshot happens).

  • Can I receive HTO tokens if I did not mint? Yes, you will be able to buy Loyalty NFTs on a secondary market right after the mint. Then you have 48 hours to acquire the Loyalty NFT and have it in your wallet for the snapshot.

  • How will I receive the HTO tokens? Token distribution (guaranteed + bonus) will occur within 72 hours after the NFT snapshot. Tokens will be sent to the same wallet where the Loyalty NFT will be stored (we recommend Phantom).

  • Where can I find information about the Token pricing? Check out Tokenomics.

  • How will the Loyalty NFTs be listed on marketplaces? The Loyalty NFTs will be listed as a separate collection under the Heaven Land’s creator page. It will be listed on Magic Eden, Solanart, OpenSea and other marketplaces.

  • Is it worth holding the Loyalty NFTs after the snapshot for HTO distribution? Absolutely yes! You have forever perks that will serve Heaven Land users to get discounts in any service Heaven Land provides! The Loyalty NFTs is another valuable collection under Heaven Land that is worth having!

  • When will HTO be tradable? We are going to get listed on Raydium within 5 days after the mint. Liquidity Pool and also HTO farming will be set up so everyone can trade HTO as they wish! We will also set up LP on Cropper Finance. We also already work on Centralized Exchanges where we plan to list HTO shortly after the DEX listings.

  • Is there a whitelist? Yes, there will be a Whitelist granted to Heaven Land owners, Solamids owners and some of our partners. All Heaven Land parcels’ holders will have a guaranteed whitelist. Each parcel will grant 1 mint during a whitelist stage. If you have 4 parcels, you can mint 4 times during the WL stage. If you have a Parcel Bucket created from 2 Parcels, you can mint 4 times during the WL stage. 9 times for Buckets created from 3 parcels and 16 times for Buckets created from 4 parcels. Details will be released in Heaven Land’s Discord and on Twitter. Solamids owners will receive 1 WL spot for every 5 Solamids in 1 wallet (2 spots for 10, 3 for 15..).

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