Basic Components

PFP, Paragon, Avatar and Character are 4 components of Heavenland's Avatar System.

Heavenland's Avatar System is composed of 4 components

each described in detail in its dedicated Section. The relation between the first 3 of them is illustrated in Image 1; how they are represented in the game shows Image 2.

PFP represents a profile picture. In Heavenland, the only profile pictures allowed are those from NFT collections, and Heavenland brings a new utility to them. PFPs are described in detail in PFP Section.

Paragon is a new class of NFT that Heavenland introduces, defining 9 attributes giving bonuses to some physical qualities players have in the game (like sprint speed and jump height). Visually, you can think of Paragon NFT as a frame. A PFP that the player owns can be inserted into the frame, so you can think of PFP + Paragon as an enhanced profile picture. Paragon NFT is the breedable component of the Avatar system. Paragons are described in detail in Paragon Section.

Avatar is a 3D representation of the player in the game. It's a figure that moves as the player commands. Avatars are described in detail in Avatar Section.

Character is off-chain storage of the player's progress in the game. The Character can gather achievements, level up or die if entering some deadly mini-game. The Character can attain different physical shapes (Avatars) and qualities (Paragons). Characters are described in detail in Character Section.

What are the reasons why we've introduced these 4 classes?

  • People like PFPs, and look for their utilities, so we want PFPs to be used as profile pictures in Heavenland. As there are many types of them, some pixelized, some photorealistic, some hand-drawn, there is no way how we could breed them.

  • We want Avatars to be fully customizable - even outside the humanoid bodies. We were forced to start adapting ready-made solutions before creating our own, which prohibits us from transforming Avatar into NFT and thus prohibits any breeding.

  • Progress in the game must be stored off-chain, so the Character object has been created.

  • We've extracted several numeric attributes that can be easily used for breeding, and those attributes are used to define Paragons.

Every component is described in detail further.

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