Alphas are Heavenland's original PFP collection of 3,333 unique NFTs that's been created to allow the core community to attain a special identity within the Heavenland ecosystem.

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Where there is life there is tribe. No Metaverse could exist without Avatars and Heavenland is not an exception. In the world of Heavenland our Avatars are unique, special, bring joy and utility to holders and also work as a PFP collection that would shine on your Twitter profile.

Unlike a classic PFP collection that has no true utility besides putting the NFT on your own social media profile, Heavenland Alphas will enable its owners to:

  • use the Alpha in the Heavenland Metaverse

  • get special visibility in the Metaverse

  • get verified PFP NFT on a social media profile

  • own a valuable asset in Heavenland with limited supply


In order to ensure the uniqueness and rareness of the Alphas we decided to release a collection of only 3333 NFTs. The supply is capped and no new Alphas will be ever released by Heavenland. This fact makes the collection and the ownership of one of the Alphas rare. In other words, Heavenland World consists of 30,000 parcels and with only 3333 Alphas to be released only ~10% of the parcel owners can also own a Humanoid Avatar called Alpha.

Launch details

Alphas launch will take place on Magic Eden launchpad (similar to Parcels and Loyalty NFTs mints in the past) on June 24th. The launch will be divided into 3 parts:

  • 1st Whitelist

  • 2nd Whitelist

  • Public Mint

Whitelisted wallets for the 1st WL stage will be eligible to mint in advance and get Alphas for a cheaper price of 1.25 SOL.

The 2nd WL stage will happen (in case 1st WL stage will not be sold out) right after the 1st WL stage and the price will be 1.50 SOL. Same price will be then applied to the Public mint in case there are some Alphas left.

Altogether, there will be more WL spots than NFTs to minimize potential bot minting and rewarding as many Heavenland holders as possible and our partners, too.

Alphas Reveal

3333 Alphas will be revealed 48 hours after the mint.

We want to assure fair mint and a possibility to get a desired NFT to everyone that is interested to own a Heavenland Alphas and at the same time we must protect minters as marketplaces list collections while their mint is still in process. All data will be well protected which will ensure that nobody will be able to find out the rarity of the Alphas before the reveal has been completed.

Mint Stages

During the Alphas mint there will be two whitelist stages.

First Whitelist stage

  • Price: 1.25 SOL

  • Time: June 24th, 14:00 UTC


  • Everyone, that held 5 or more parcels during the snapshot

  • Everyone that fulfilled the IDO conditions

  • Everyone holding Loyalty NFT with space background

  • All landlords (holding 5 or more parcels)

  • Everyone that holds buckets (merged parcels)

First whitelist stage will use a hybrid system. It means that each wallet can have 1 or more guaranteed mints based on achievements the wallet accomplished. All requirements can be combined.

Landlords will get 1 guaranteed mint for every 5 held parcels. 10 held parcels will guarantee 2 mints, 15 parcels 3 mints etc.

Holders of buckets will be able to mint based on number of merged parcels. 2 merged parcels guarantee 4 mints, 3 merged parcels 9 mints and 4 merged parcels 16 mints. Time to merge!

Second Whitelist stage:

  • Price: 1.5 SOL

  • Time: June 24th, 15:00 UTC

While the 2nd Whitelist stage will have a slightly higher price than the 1st WL stage, we are making sure to reward all Heavenland holders and our partners’ holders as well. The more you hold, the more you can mint!


  • 1 Heavenland Parcel = 2 mints

  • 1 Solamids = 1 mint

  • Partnered DAOs = 1 mint per wallet

Snapshot to determine eligible Wallets for Parcel holders, Loyalty NFT holders and Solamids Holders will be done on June 18th, 20:00 UTC! The final WL document will be provided by June 19th, 20:00 UTC.

Public stage:

  • Price: 1.5 SOL

  • Time: June 24th, 16:00 UTC

In case not all Alphas have been minted during the 2 WL stages then Public mint takes place.

Everyone can mint during this stage as many NFTs as one wants until all Alphas are sold out. This mint has literally no limits except total supply of 3333 Alphas.

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