Heavenmarket is Heavenland's main web3 application that aggregates most of the features that don't require entering the virtual world.

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Loyalty NFTs

Loyalty NFTs grant their holder cash-back whenever he performs a transaction on Heavenmarket. The size of the cash-back defines Loyalty NFT Section. The user always pays the total amount, but some HTO returns to him in the form of cash-back. For now, this cash-back is done manually once in a while by the Heavenland team. A solution with a custom program on Solana blockchain is being developed to handle the cash-backs automatically.

Here is the list of all the situations where Loyalty cash-backs come to play.

Buying NFT on Heavenmarket

Parcel Merging

Paragon Operations

Coming soon (will work the same way as the Parcel Merging).

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