Participants & HTO Flows

If you don't like theory, you can understand Heavenland economy through examples presented in this section.


The possibilities Heavenland will offer will be endless. All the participants can be split into three different non-disjunct categories depicted in Image 4

  • User, representing anyone entering Heavenland or using any of the Heavenland services but not participating in the economy (not buying or selling anything),

  • Player, who buys something or participates in some in-game event where he can earn something,

  • Creator, who is creating content and making a profit from it.

Player and Creator are described in this section, followed by concrete examples of interaction between these participants and Heavenland. The description is a far cry from being comprehensive because many use cases will pop up in the future, and it should serve as a basic guideline on how the economy will work.


Creators’ purpose is to build content in Heavenland. They will be given all the tools necessary to do so; they can build static assets like buildings, furniture or wearables in FBX builder. All the assets created in FBX builder will be represented by NFTs, which will be tradable in Heavenland’s marketplace and any other marketplace. Creator will receive HTO for asset sale and will be allowed to define the royalty schema to be paid for every asset resale.

Next to FBX Builder, Creators will be equipped with an SDK builder, which will allow the development of different services like gaming, streaming, travel guiding, or other services that can directly connect to the real world (for instance, order and delivery of some meal). SDK builder will be allowed to implement in-game payments in HTO, generating revenue for the Creator. FBX Builder will allow creating bridges between Heavenland and some other services from the outside world, attracting already established businesses to extend their product and bring it to Heavenland Users.

To incentivize the creation, Foundation Pool will step in and motivate Creators with additional rewards for creating demanded assets and services. The incentive can include a contest to create a building within given restrictions, implementing video streams from the real world to Heavenland and much more. We expect this incentivization will be the most significant in the early stages of Heavenland before there are enough Players able to pay for the content.


Players will have many different ways to enjoy their time in Heavenland. They can participate in play to earn competitions or pay for the entertainment to content creators just like they are paying in the real world.

The entertainment in Heavenland will be limitless - players can enjoy transport to the other side of the Tubus or drill through the tubus and enjoy the view to the space. Players can watch a concert, sport or e-sport game in 3D, enjoy streaming from the outside world, play games and much more. A vital part of Heavenland will be socializing, meeting friends and making new ones.


User adaptation in Heavenland will be the crucial parameter of Heavenland's success. Foundation Pool will have to monitor Users' behaviour to detect what they are looking for and motivate Creators to build what is demanded by Users.

Metrics will include the number of Players and Creators - their total, active and daily numbers. How many hours a day do Users spend in Heavenland, how many assets of a given type have been created, and by how many Creators? How are Players spending their HTO, how many HTO is staked and for what period? What are the average prices of different assets? How are parcels distributed among Players?

Heavenland will provide some of these metrics publicly through its API to be compared to other metaverse projects.

HTO Flow Examples

Heavenland’s economy revolves around HTO. There will be a lot of actions players can do in Heavenland. Some of these actions will generate HTO token flow, part of which will be redirected to Heavenland stakeholders to cover their expenses. This section presents different scenarios of HTO token flows.

Heavenland's Content Sale

Some content (parcels, avatars) will be created by Heavenland and sold first for SOL later for HTO. All the income from these sales goes to the Treasury Pool, of which 10-30% is used to provide liquidity.

HTO Token Sale

Some of Treasury Pool’s HTO will be sold for USDC in private and public sale rounds.

Content Creation

Everyone connected to the internet will have all the tools necessary to create Heavenland’s content, which can be an asset of different types - buildings, wearables, accessories, to name a few. When the asset is created, it can be traded, as discussed in the next token flow. Besides the asset sale, the content creator can get another reward from Foundation Pool if the created content follows Foundation Pool’s initiative.

Royalties are another motivation for content creators, which, if put on the created asset, guarantees the creator income from the asset resale.

Asset Trading

Heavenland’s marketplace will allow trading of different assets, firstly in SOL, later in HTO. Assets created by Heavenland will imply a 5% royalties. Content created by other Creators will imply 2% royalties for Heavenland and other up to 8% royalties credited as specified by a content creator. Royalties Heavenland collects go to Treasury Pool (70%), Foundation Pool (20%) and Staking Pool (10%).

Parcel Merging

Heavenland will allow merging two or more neighbouring parcels to enhance parcel attributes. This operation will imply a fixed fee going to Treasury Pool.

Service Offering

Next to assets, creators will be allowed to offer services for other users. It can be a ticket to a concert, entrance to a game, order to create a fitted asset, even some service from the world outside the Heavenland. Heavenland takes a 2-10% fee and serves as an escrow between the service provider and its customer, giving some assurance to the customer. 50% of the collected fees go to Staking Pool, 50% to Treasury Pool.


Advertising will happen on designated boards and panels, and Heavenland's marketplace will contain a special section allowing citizens to rent these boards for a given time. Heavenland will own some boards; citizens will own other boards by placing them on their parcels. If the board is placed on a citizen's parcel, the advertising reward is split evenly between citizen and Heavenland stakeholders. Otherwise, Heavenland receives all the income. All the advertising income of Heavenland goes to Treasury Pool (70%), Community Pool (20%) and Staking Pool (10%).


Next to a walk, citizens can use faster travel like a hyper-tube, elevator to the opposite side of the Tubus, or teleport to a spawning area. A fixed fee will be applied for the usage of these ways of travel. 20% of collected fees will go to Foundation Pool, 20% to Staking Pool and 60% to Treasury Pool.


When the stake is active, stakers can claim their partial HTO reward paid from Staking Pool.


Renting is delegated staking where the stake reward is split among rentee and renter.

Community Engagement

Community Pool will onboard ambassadors and organize different events to promote Heavenland. Community Pool will organize an initiative to spread the good word about Heavenland.

Infrastructure Providing

Treasury Pool will create an initiative program to reward infrastructure providers by hosting some of the services required for the smooth operation of Heavenland.

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