Let's plug in your imagination processor and try to picture virtual world of Heavenland.

Gravitational Tubus

Imagine you are living in a gravitational cylinder in the orbit of some planet. What a magnificent view - planet to the left, stars to the right, a futuristic city above your head. Imagine taking an elevator to get to the other side of the cylinder - what will you experience in the middle of the cylinder?

The concept of a city floating in space isn't new; you may be thinking of Elysium, Interstellar, Hallo - Heavenland has been fascinated by worlds depicted by these movie and game masterpieces and decided to take their vision to a whole new level - to the metaverse.

City of the Future

Heavenland is a futuristic city with a design steaming from up-to-date research of self-sustainable cities, placed in the gravitational tubus in the orbit. Heavenland is how cities should look, not how they look today.

Heavenland comprises 38 individual Clusters with sizes ranging from 1x1 km to 2x2 km. The centre of every Cluster contains a public space that serves as a Spawning Area (entrance into Heavenland even for those who doesn't own a Parcel). Each public space is unique - gallery, stadium, concert hall, spaceport, harbor and many more.

Clusters are of 4 types depending on the height of a building they can contain. There is only a single Cluster in the centre of Heavenland, allowing skyscrapers to be built. The further you go from the centre, the more limited you are in the height of the building. No matter where in the cylinder you are, you'll always see the skyscrapers pointing you to the centre of Heavenland.


Heavenland's Clusters comprise individual Parcels with a size of 25x25 m, and there are 30,000 Parcels in total. Simply put, Parcels are NFTs with some attributes directly encoded into NFT and some attributes derived from a Parcel location in the Heavenland.

The first class of Parcel's attributes includes height (Parcel's Cluster determines maximum height, but the Parcel's height might be smaller) and depth (similar to height attribute). The most exclusive Parcel's allow you to drill through the cylinder and build on its outer side.

The remaining attributes can be how far the Parcel is from a Spawning Area, whether the Parcel is at a riverbank or close to a park. Some of these attributes are subjective and depend on the preferences of given Heavenland citizens.


Heavenland is going to be a big city with a need for a well-designed transport grid. The walking or spring, which we expect to be the dominant way of travel, will be accompanied by a translocation (teleport to a short distance) and teleportation to designated areas.

The main transport will be by a hyperlink (similar to transport tubes known from Futurama) accompanied by some individual transport vehicles like cars and hovercrafts, whose numbers will be limited to sustain smooth transport of all these vehicles.

Besides transport within Heavenland, travel to outer space will be possible.


Every Heavenland’s citizen will have an oportunity to fully customize his avatar. This will include fully customizable avatar (which now means it's 3D playable figure in the game) and profile picture. To make the avatar system as fun as possible, there will be breeding.

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