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The virtual World of Heavenland must flourish with life and activity, which can become a reality only through the integration of partners and other businesses.

Original Get Integrated Paper can be downloaded in PDF format here.

A lot has happened since the founders started shaping their vision into something we call Heavenland. Architects have designed a futuristic city with 5,000 parcels already bound to their owners. HTO token with detailed tokenomics has been created to backbone the whole economy with a unique staking mechanism interconnecting parcels, HTO and Heavenland's DAO. Heavenmarket, the core Heavenland's dapp, implements new features daily. The open world and tools for creating custom avatars and buildings are being developed.

Yet, all of this is only a backbone to something yet to come, something that will attract new users and keep them enjoying the wonders of Heavenland for as long as they like. Something that will fill the empty world so it can be enjoyed or monetized. That something is content.

We are aware that bringing content to Heavenland is not an easy task, but it's a necessary task. Only thanks to the content, Heavenland can start to flourish with life, users can find different ways to enjoy their time in Heavenland, and content providers can find new ways to reach clients.

We knew this time would come, so we established Foundation Pool and set the continuous stream of 110,000,000 HTO tokens (22% of total supply) to be released into this pool over more than 3 years. This pool should have enough assets to support implementing new features and content into Heavenland.

Possibilities for content are limitless, but we've pinpointed several on which we plan to focus in the upcoming months. As always, take this only as a preliminary version. We'll be glad for any feedback or new ideas. Those interested in a partnership are more than welcome to reach us.


This is the integration to which we pay the most attention. Even Heavenland itself develops two mini-games in UE5, SpeedSpinner and Boomer, to work as proof of concept. In our e-gaming system, there are 3 participants

  • Game Creator is the one who has developed the game, and is selling licenses through Heavenmarket.

  • Instance operator is the one who buys the licence and makes it accessible to users in Heavenland. How is this done? The instance operator must own a parcel, which will then work as a portal to the game.

  • Heavenland runs the Heavenmarket to process all the required payments and the game servers, so the instance operator doesn't need to take care of the servers.

The instance Operator is obliged to pay for the instance to both the game creator (for the license) and Heavenland (for the infrastructure). The instance Operator will have enough tools to monetize his instance - he can collect an entrance fee to the game, set a betting system or profit on the NFT system connected to the game.

The instance Operator is also obliged to ensure traffic for his game instance. This way, it should be preferable for him to place the instance close to high-traffic areas or to areas where parcels with game content will dominate.

All of this will be possible thanks to SDK Heavenland will make it accessible for game developers. We expect this system could attract many interesting games struggling to get to the market.


FBX builder, built for "common" houses, will be extended to allow building meta-shops (e-shop buildings in Heavenland). The meta-shops will allow putting brands outside the building and products inside. In the beginning, this will be only for presentation. Later, we'll extend the possibility to allow buying NFTs (exchangeable for real products) and later even buying real products through meta-shops.

All the tools necessary to build a meta-shop will be available for free. eShop needs only to buy a parcel and place a meta-shop on it.

Brand Placement

This is the most simple integration, where the partner's brand can be placed on some designated places in Heavenland. The simplest placement can include billboards, loading screens, and intercoms. The more complex placements can include holograms or a custom asset like a stylized bench, lamp, or even the whole custom building. The brand placement can also include custom accessories for avatars.

The purpose of brand placement is to use Heavenland only to make the brand visible. Heavenland will limit brand placements to not disrupt the mood of the city.

NFT Collections

NFT collections and their communities will play a crucial role in Heavenland's mass adoption and acquiring new builders in Heavenland Metaverse. Heavenland will be very flexible in offering extra utility to PFP collections and to all ambitious communities and NFT collections that aim to provide something unique to its community.

Other collections can efficiently utilize all the services that Heavenland has built for its NFT collections. This can include integration of PFP into Paragon NFTs, which will make collection visible over all the corners of Heavenland, collection listing on Heavenmarket or launching a tailored staking solution based on the solution Heavenland has developed.

Communities can harness private group channels connected to Heavenland social site or, which we think would be the ultimate goal, acquire a parcel to create a building with limited access granted only to those who have collected enough NFTs from the collection. The building opens the possibility to create games or integrate their custom token.


Streaming in the first stage is meant to stream content from Heavenland to platforms like YouTube or Twitch. This way, anyone could share their Heavenland experience outside the Heavenland - e-game players what they play, users whatever they discover.

It will also be possible to stream to Heavenland. Those owning a parcel will be able to place a projection screen on their parcel and collect the entrance fee for the exclusive stream to enjoy a concert, experience an online yoga lesson, or be connected with some specialist.

We want to implement internet radios to reach users of Heavenland, which will have a chance to support the radio by symbolic HTO payment or by buying the radio's NFT collection. NFTs are extending to other media formats, and Heavenland is watching this while designing how to allow custom playlists to be available in Heavenland.

We are building a gallery in public space that will allow presentation for NFT collections, rent some views, buy NFTs or organize NFT auctions.

Next to the public gallery, Heavenland will extend FBX builder to allow the creation of gallery-type buildings enabling users to do on their parcels almost the same what the public gallery offers.

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