Metaverse has become a buzzword, and there are good reasons for that.


Our children are our best teachers. A smartphone is everything for my 8-years old son - it’s not because of a piece of well-assembled electronics, but because it grants him access to the whole world - this tiny device in the hands of a child. My son’s needs for the material world are suppressed. What he wants is new armour for his RPG character or an upgrade for his car to defeat stronger enemies and compete with his friends.

Whether we want it or not, virtualization is a trend that is becoming popular at an increasing pace. Infamous covid situation speeded it up even more. Ownership is getting an entirely new meaning thanks to recent development on intelligent contract blockchain platforms. Meeting our friends has been thoroughly redefined by applications like Zoom. And this could be just the beginning.

Tangible Challenge

Ideas must be seeded at the right time in order to grow into something big. The Internet couldn’t grow if there were no wires placed by telecommunication companies. Facebook and Google wouldn’t grow without millions of households connected to the Internet. And Bitcoin? Research in IT that made Bitcoin possible goes beyond what an individual can do in his lifetime.

All of these great technologies were possible because of what was invented before them. Still, an unimaginable amount of diligent work of countless innovators dealing with different challenges was needed so these technologies could become our everyday reality.

We believe Metaverse will be the next big thing. We know what technologies are needed to build it, we know some challenges that await, we are pretty sure there are more challenges we don’t know about than we do. Luckily, creating a Metaverse has become a passion, which we would like to pass to the most people possible to help us make it a reality.

Infinite Possibilities

Metaverse can be thought of as a world of infinite possibilities. You can create content for other users and get paid for it. The content can be furniture others can place in their house, it can be a tree or car. It doesn’t need to be a thing at all - it can be an algorithm or a game that others will play and enjoy.

You can connect metaverse to the outside world - you can stream videos from any existing streaming platform to the metaverse or vice versa. You can organize a concert in the metaverse. You can interact with your friends or get to know new people who you meet in the metaverse. Companies and entrepreneurs could offer their products and services in this virtual world.

So many ideas steam from our team's every-week brainstorming sessions, we are more than sure we've just started to realize what we could do with it.

Our Team

Our core team comprises 50 people and grows every week. We have blockchain specialists, artists, architects, game developers, programmers, community managers, and marketing specialists. Next to individuals, we build corporations with established projects in a part of the technology needed to make the Metaverse reality.

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