Heavenland's technological architecture is divided into three layers.

Consensus Layer

This layer will be implemented on the Solana blockchain and will deal with virtual identity (a Solana address will identify a user), ownership (what you own will be represented by fungible and non-fungible tokens) and virtual economy (with its token allowing transfer of ownership).

The Solana has been our #1 choice since the beginning. We are watching other Metaverse projects (mainly Decentraland), and it’s a little bit sad to see problems these projects must deal with because of still increasing gas fees. We believe Solana will spare us of these troubles in the future and will allow seamless transfers between users of Heavenland.

Content Layer

Thanks to Consensus Layer, ownership is securely stored in the Solana blockchain. To display your asset in the metaverse, we need storage to keep how your assets look. The solution for the storage lies in a Content Layer that will use IPFS to store content data.

This layer must be properly scaled to sustain large data transfers - if 1,000,000 users are about to download content, the content must be distributed. We are preparing an incentive model for content providers, which should ensure proper content replication.

Presentation Layer

This layer is what the user sees. We expect different clients to be implemented, starting with Desktop (PC and Mac) and ultimately leading to VR.

We are using Unreal 5 Engine to build the world. There is a massive development inside the Unity community, and a lot of tools we need have already been developed here. It's not only about how the world will look like but also about how comfortable it will be to create new items in the world - for an ordinary user.

In addition, there will be some chat and voice communication between users. For these purposes, an infrastructure will be needed to foster peer-to-peer communication between interacting users. A similar problem arises when actions of other users in the user's vicinity have to be streamed. We plan to introduce an incentive mechanism to promote building this infrastructure.

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