Profile Picture NFTs is the most popular type of NFTs, with many popular collections missing any utilities. This changes with PFP adaptation in Heavenland Avatar System.

PFPs (Profile Picture NFTs) are booming, and especially on Solana, projects are very creative and, next to artful graphics, they find ingenious ways to bring utilities to PFP holders. Some PFP collections are backed by real companies distributing part of their revenue to PFP holders; some allow generating a passive income more directly, like PFP staking. Some PFPs grant access or discounts to some services within a given ecosystem. Although utilities can differ, all the popular PFP collections have one in common - they have built a loyal, tied community of NFT holders, and Heavenland aims to make their community even more proud.

In Heavenland, PFPs are utilized to be inserted into Paragon NFTs, so-called Paragon Stamping, described in detail in Stamping Section.

Heavenland has created its PFP collection - Heavenland Alphas, but will onboard already established collections to allow diversity. Stamped Paragons will work as one of the player's interpretations in the game, allowing PFPs to be visible in

  • a badge floating above the Avatar,

  • mini-game lobbies, leaderboards, guilds,

  • in-game chat and other social channels,

  • event calendar,

  • ... simply put, all over the Heavenland.

Next to the Paragon Stamping, Heavenland offers additional utilities for PFP collections, described in Get Integrated Section.

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