Character is an entity that holds player's achievement in the virtual world.

All the previous components of the Avatar System were mainly about the visual look. Character is about additional in-game attributes the player can attain in Heavenland or its mini-games, and is closely tied with what the player has achieved in Heavenland.

The player can gather achievements by completing different tasks - gathered achievements are connected to the player's Character. If the player enters a mini-game, all the data mini-game needs to store are connected to the Character. This information can include gathered XP, strength or power of mini-game RPG character, collected weapons and much more. Some mini-games can be deadly, so Characters can die to be respawned later.

The best way to understand Character is shown on the login scheme shown in Image bellow. The player is logged into the game (there will be different ways to do this), and when this happens, its inventory is loaded - Characters, Avatars, Paragons and other assets he owns. The first thing he selects is Character. After selecting a Character, he selects his name, Paragon and Avatar, followed by selecting a location where to spawn into the game.

Characters are designed to allow players to have more than one Character.

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