Initial Supply

There will be an initial airdrop of 3,333 Tier0 Paragons to kickoff the Breeding process that will create new Paragons.

There will be 3,333 Tier0 Paragons that will be airdropped to Alpha NFT holders (1 Paragon NFT for each Alpha NFT held). The only way how new Paragons can be created is through Paragon Breeding or Paragon Fusing. Only in the rare case that the supply of Tier0 Paragons is depleted (we don't expect this to happen) will Heavenland step in and generate several new Tier0 Paragons.

The initial distribution will consider the Alphas' rarity rank (how it's calculated on HowRareIs. The more rare the Alpha, the higher the chance a Paragon of higher Score will be airdropped to Alpha's holder. Note that because all the airdropped Paragons will be of Tier0, the Score won't be greater than 99 for any airdropped Paragon NFT.

How is the rarity rank obtained? Let's suppose NFT has KK attributes with values a1,a2,ā€¦,aKa_1, a_2, \dots, a_K. Count function n(a1)n(a_1) returns number of NFTs in the whole collection, that have attribute value a1a_1. NN denotes the total number of NFTs in the collection. Rarity Score RR is for each NFT calculated as

R=āˆ‘i=1KNn(ai).R = \sum_{i=1}^K \frac{N}{n(a_i)}.

To get the rarity rank of the given NFT, it's required to calculate RR for all the NFTs in the collection and sort them ascending (NFT with the highest Rarity Score is the most rare).

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